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ChatGPT Alternative

Dropchat offers a comprehensive chatbot creation and management solution that allows you to train your chatbot using content from your website, PDFs, YouTube videos, and various other sources.

For just a few dollars more each month, you get a lot more capability than ChatGPT's basic PDF chat solution that requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Why Dropchat is better?


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  • Diverse File Compatibility: Create chatbots using PDFs, websites, and even YouTube files.
  • User-Friendly with Depth: Offers simple features for students and individuals, but also advanced settings for professionals like webmasters and sales teams.
  • Team-Friendly: Share your chatbot easily with others.
  • Marketing Support: Capture and store user contact details for support and future promotions.
  • Flexible Trial Options: Reach out to us and get a tailored trial plan without any restrictions.
  • Cost-Effective: Designed for businesses wanting to swap out expensive and outdated live chat systems, ensuring a quick return on investment.
  • Seamless Integration: Embed into websites, online shops, and blogs with inline and pop-up chatbot options.
  • Personalized Onboarding: Every customer gets a dedicated customer success manager and comprehensive training via email, phone, and video.

Full Features Comparison

Features Dropchat ChatGPT Plus

Starter Plan Pricing

$24/month $20/month

Free Trial / Account Without Credit Card

Free Trial Without Login

Chat With PDFs


Chat With Websites

Very Limited (2)

Chat With YouTube Videos

Capture Leads

Customize Chatbot Prompts


Custom Price Plans

Share or Embed Chatbots

Customize Chatbot Replies

Privacy Compliance / Delete Account

Create Quizes / Flashcards

Limited (4)

Customer Success / New User Onboarding

(1) Requires paid ChatGPT Plus plan.
(2) Uses Bing integration to browse website for answers but not truly a chat with website solution.
(3) Customized for logged in users only, not website visitors.
(4) Quiz questions can be generated but not delivered in a flashcard format for easy review.