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Free, Open Source and DIY Chatbot Tools

DropChat lets you create a chatbot trained on your website, PDFs, YouTube videos, and more in 3 minutes or less.



While free and open-source chat solutions might seem attractive, they often demand significant time and resources for only basic features.


If your aim is to learn about AI, building your own solution can be valuable. However, for a robust, maintenance-free business solution that addresses genuine business challenges, it's wiser to invest in a paid product.

Why Dropchat is better?


bubblechat-transparent-background-logo-1vs. dropchat-vs-github


  • Zero Coding Hassles: With Dropchat, there's no need to delve into coding intricacies. You can be operational instantly, avoiding complexities associated with coding.
  • Server Management Peace of Mind: Don't burden yourself with server-related worries, such as uptime and maintenance. Dropchat has it covered.
  • Holistic Chatbot Experience: Gain access to a comprehensive platform for chatbot creation and management, tailored to meet diverse needs.
  • Stay Updated with Ease: With Dropchat, enjoy the latest features and technological advancements. No more manual effort to keep up with code upgrades or patches.
  • Enhanced Protection: With solutions like Dropchat, safeguard your operations from potential legal and security risks. This is especially critical considering the vulnerabilities of open-source/free software, which might be released by malicious entities.
  • Beyond Basic: Dropchat offers sophisticated integrations that free tools typically don't provide. These integrations can enhance functionality and streamline operations.
  • Expert Assistance: With Dropchat, get unparalleled support. Access product and technology experts committed to assisting you at every juncture.
  • Quick Resolution: No need to trawl through forums or DIY solutions. Dropchat's dedicated support ensures prompt and efficient problem-solving.

Full Features Comparison

Features DropChat Free / Open Source

Starter Plan Pricing

$24/month $0 (1)




Chat With PDFs


Chat With Websites


Chat With YouTube Videos


Email, Phone, and Web Support

Customer Success / Onboarding

Compliance and Security

(1) Cost in time, AI technology / OpenAI fees, database, and server costs will not be zero dollars.