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Dropchat Chatbot Demos

The chatbots showcased here were developed using the content from websites or PDF files.


Wine GPT Chatbot (Digital Sommelier)

Imagine a chatbot designed specifically to enhance your dining experience by expertly suggesting wine pairings for any meal. This digital sommelier is accessible through a simple chat interface, making it incredibly user-friendly for both wine novices and connoisseurs alike.

Whether you're planning a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or just a casual meal, this chatbot can instantly provide you with wine options that perfectly complement your menu, taking into account the flavor profiles and intensity of your dishes.

The chatbot utilizes a database of wine knowledge, integrating culinary insights and sommelier expertise to offer personalized wine recommendations.

  • What white wine pairs well with chicken?
  • What pairs well with steak?
  • What's a good wine option for a chocolate dessert?
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California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Chatbots on DMV websites, such as the innovative one created for the California Department of Motor Vehicles, provide a user-friendly and efficient method for navigating services and securing necessary information quickly.

This specific chatbot sources its responses directly from the official California DMV website, guaranteeing that the information it dispenses is not only precise but also pertinent to users' needs.

It's designed to operate around the clock, making DMV assistance accessible at any hour. Here are some sample questions you can ask to get started.

  • What is Real ID?
  • What is an AB 60 driver's license?
  • What do I need to register my vehicle?
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Four Seasons

Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

Using a chatbot on a hotel website, like the Four Seasons in Dubai, can make finding information about the hotel's amenities and services a breeze for visitors and guests. Instead of clicking through multiple pages, a chatbot offers immediate, 24/7 answers to questions, from room availability to spa services, all in a conversational and engaging manner.

This not only saves time but also provides a personalized experience, as the chatbot can remember preferences and tailor its recommendations. For example, when asking the chatbot about the best room for a family stay or the dining options available, guests receive instant, relevant information, enhancing their planning process and overall experience with the hotel.

Here is a sample interaction you might have with a chatbot for the Four Seasons in Dubai:

  • What type of guest rooms are available?
  • What types of suites are available?
  • What family-friendly activities are available at the hotel?
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NBA Logo

NBA Rule Book 2023-2024

The NBA Official Rulebook Chatbot is a modern, interactive tool aimed at making NBA rules easier to understand for fans, players, and coaches.

Just chat with it to quickly get clarifications, examples, and interpretations of specific rules. Thanks to natural language processing, it understands and responds to your questions, simplifying rule navigation.

Questions someone typically might not understand about NBA play rules include:

  • What constitutes a legal vs. illegal screen in the NBA, and how is it determined?
  • Can you explain the "restricted area" under the basket and how it affects charging and blocking fouls?
  • What are the specific criteria for a shot to be considered a three-pointer, especially concerning the player's feet and the line?
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U.S. Federal Government Draft Budget 2025

U.S. Federal Government Draft Budget 2025

This chatbot uses information from the U.S. Federal Government's draft budget for 2025, which the White House shared on Monday, March 11, 2024. These draft budget documents are extensive, often spanning thousands of pages, making it tough to find specific details by reading through them.

A conversational AI chatbot, like Dropchat, is an excellent tool for searching through large documents like these. It can help you find the information you need quickly and easily.

Try asking questions like below to see how it works!

  • What is budget for the Department of State and US AID?
  • What is budget for the Department of Defense?
  • What is budget for SNAP?
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University of Maryland Admissions

Applying to university can be both exciting and overwhelming. Students face numerous decisions—from selecting programs to navigating complex tuition and financial aid systems.

The abundance of information and tight deadlines can turn what should be a thrilling step into a stressful experience. Without clear guidance, even the most determined applicants may find themselves overwhelmed as they balance compiling applications with financial planning.

Introducing a chatbot to address queries regarding tuition, financial aid, deadlines, and campus life could revolutionize this process.

  • What is early action deadline for freshman?
  • When is FAFSA due?
  • What is out of state cost of attendance?
  • What will I be billed for?
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Additional demo chatbots that are ready for you to test

Word Wikipedia Page Chatbot

Word Wikipedia Page Chatbot

This chatbot is based on the Wikipedia page content of Microsoft Word, designed to provide detailed assistance and information on its features, history, and usage.

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Covid-19 Wikipedia Page Chatbot

Covid-19 Wikipedia Page Chatbot

This chatbot is based on the Wikipedia page for COVID-19, designed to provide up-to-date information, history, and guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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White House Wikipedia Page Chatbot

White House Wikipedia Page Chatbot

This chatbot is based on the Wikipedia page for Gmail, aimed at detailing Gmail's history and the evolution of its features since its initial launch.

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