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University of Houston AI Based Chatbot Demo

Explore the University of Houston "Cougar Chat" demo or start creating a chatbot for your school or organization with a free trial.

The University of Houston System is the largest state higher education system in an urban area in Texas, known for its significant global research, competitive scholarship, and contributions to economic development. The system enhances regional life quality through public service activities and offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. It operates year-round and includes several component universities:

  • University of Houston (Main): Over 46,000 students, 2,700 faculty, 4,000 staff.
  • University of Houston-Clear Lake: Around 9,000 students, 800 faculty, 600 staff, located in southeast Houston.
  • University of Houston-Downtown: Approximately 14,000 students, 750 faculty, 600 staff, situated downtown.
  • University of Houston-Victoria: Serves over 4,300 students, 200 faculty, 300 staff, located about 100 miles southwest of Houston.

University of Houston AI Based Chatbot Demo

Currently utilizing only a live chat option, the University of Houston is developing an AI-based chatbot designed to assist prospective and current students both efficiently and securely. This initiative aims to serve as a tool to minimize the necessity for direct staff interactions and to enhance administrative efficiency. The chatbot will provide curated information and services, encouraging users to interact digitally rather than through in-person or phone communications. This technology seeks to streamline access to university resources, thereby enhancing user experience and engagement.


For example, one limitation of the current Live Chat option is that various university departments have different hours of operation. For instance, the University Career Services Live Chat is only available for two hours a day, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, while other departments may offer longer availability. These varying hours may not align well with the schedules of website visitors, potentially causing inconvenience.
University of Houston AI Based Chatbot DemoUniversity of Houston AI Based Chatbot Demo

Implementing an AI chatbot can significantly enhance the experience of both prospective and current students by:

Efficiency: Quick, 24/7 responses to inquiries, reducing wait times and dependence on human staff.
Accessibility: Supports multiple languages, making information accessible to a broader student base.
Personalization: Provides tailored responses, offering not just information but also motivation and reassurance.
Resource Optimization: Frees up human resources, allowing staff to focus on more complex tasks and personal interactions.
Data Insight: Gathers useful analytics that can help in refining educational offerings and student support services.
Engagement: Increases student engagement by providing consistent and reliable interactions across various platforms.
Security and Compliance: Ensures secure handling of sensitive data, maintaining privacy and compliance with relevant standards.

Overall, an AI chatbot can act as a comprehensive tool that enhances the administrative efficiency of the university, improves student satisfaction, and modernizes the educational experience.

Below is a demo of a chatbot named Cougar Chat, which has been trained using the content available from the University of Houston's website pages, accessible through this sitemap: https://uh.edu/infotech/uit-site-map/. This demo showcases the chatbot's capabilities in responding to queries based on the information provided by the University's online resources.

Try out a demo of "Cougar Chat," or sign up for a free trial to create a chatbot for your organization or school.


Note: This demo was created in just 2 minutes, so some questions might not have answers. A fully configured chatbot, drawing from website pages, PDF files, YouTube videos, and other text content, would provide a more comprehensive range of responses.

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