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Dropchat AI Chatbots Available Via NASA SEWP GWAC

Dropchat, available through NASA SEWP, offers AI-driven chatbot solutions for federal agencies seeking to enhance public service efficiency.

What You Need to Know About NASA SEWP

NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) is a government-wide acquisition contract vehicle that allows U.S. federal agencies to purchase information technology (IT) products and product-based services. SEWP provides the latest in IT products for all federal agencies at competitive prices and with an easy-to-use purchasing process. SEWP emphasizes fast, flexible, and cost-effective procurement, with a focus on customer service and streamlined processes. This program is renowned for its efficiency, allowing quick processing and delivery of orders.

How AI Chatbots Can Help Governments Agencies

Dropchat provides governments with an AI-driven communication tool that operates 24/7, connecting citizens to public services through mobiles, phones, and computers. This tool efficiently delivers important information on regulations, laws, and policies, and assists with personal and complex administrative tasks that are often difficult to manage. Thanks to machine learning, Dropchat continuously improves, becoming better equipped to handle the diverse and complex needs of the public.

Dropchat streamlines public service management by reducing the load on human staff. For instance, it can guide a citizen through complex problems on a government website, making it easier to understand and navigate through detailed information. Since Dropchat isn't limited by human constraints like fatigue or time, it can handle multiple inquiries at once, tirelessly assisting every citizen. This allows human staff to focus on tasks that require more personalized attention or specialized knowledge.

The introduction of Dropchat in the public sector has led to promising improvements, particularly in making services more accessible and reducing the workload on staff. These AI systems allow staff to shift from routine tasks to more critical activities, a change that was hard to manage before. This not only makes better use of resources but also enhances the quality of service the public receives. With Dropchat, governments can more efficiently manage everyday tasks and redirect human resources to tackle more complex or urgent issues, improving overall organizational efficiency and public satisfaction.

Dropchat, An Authorized SEWP IT Provider

An authorized SEWP IT provider is a company that has been approved to sell information technology products and services through the NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) contract vehicle. Dropchat has met the specific criteria set by NASA and are officially listed as vendors within the SEWP catalog. Being an authorized provider means the Dropchat solution can be purchased by federal agencies using the streamlined and efficient SEWP procurement process.

Dropchat is now available via NASA SEWP for purchase by all federal agencies and their contractors.


Federal agencies looking to try out Dropchat can view demo chatbots, start a free trial and can contact our customer success team for a SEWP quote.

Direct link to several demo chatbots below:

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