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Using Dropchat AI Chatbots In Your Zendesk Account

The Zendesk customer support system can be integrated with Dropchat, allowing user support questions to be added directly from Dropchat to Zendesk.

When a customer needs help, they want it ASAP, but most organizations don’t have the support staff to be available 24/7. You can reduce—or even eliminate—the time your customers have to wait for assistance by providing automated support using chatbots. These conversational customer support UIs, fueled by artificial intelligence, help automate simple tasks, create better experiences for your customers, and work alongside your agents to give them a helping hand.

Dropchat is a great option for creating AI-driven customer service chatbots. As a no-code chatbot app, it enables users to create highly knowledgeable and customized chatbots by using content from PDFs, websites, YouTube videos, and text files. This unique feature allows businesses to develop chatbots that can answer customer queries more effectively and in a personalized manner.

The recent integration of Dropchat with Zendesk further enhances its utility by ensuring seamless ticket creation within Zendesk's system from chatbot interactions. This means businesses using Zendesk can leverage Dropchat to augment their customer service, ensuring inquiries that require human intervention are escalated efficiently and effectively.

While Zendesk's own chatbot solutions, such as Answer Bot, provide valuable tools for handling straightforward, high-volume customer queries 24/7, they are typically more suited for simple queries that match existing FAQs or knowledge base articles. However, the integration with third-party solutions like Dropchat allows for a more tailored approach, enabling businesses to create chatbots that can handle a wider range of queries, drawing directly from the business's own resources.

This approach doesn't require businesses to choose between Zendesk's robust support platform and the advanced, customizable chatbot creation tools offered by Dropchat. Instead, they can use both in tandem to create a powerful customer support system that optimizes both automated and human elements of customer service.

For more detailed insights into building and integrating chatbots with Zendesk, review Dropchat and Zendesk integration documentation​. This integrated approach ensures that businesses can maintain a high level of customer service, providing immediate, 24/7 support through AI-driven chatbots while also leveraging the full strength of Zendesk's customer support system when human intervention is necessary.

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