Top 70 AI Newsletters 2024

Top AI newsletters you should consider reading in 2024.



Since the launch of ChatGPT in November of 2022, AI has been reshaping numerous sectors at a break-neck pace. In an effort to keep people informed on all things AI, an abundance of AI-focused newsletters have popped up, mostly following the popular 'MorningBrew for X' model of sending curated summaries around their niche (artificial intelligence) multiple times a week.

AI newsletters that existed prior to the launch of ChatGPT have also seen a benefit from the overall hype surrounding the space. Email newsletters in general are having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. With the growth of newsletter platform beehiiv, along with a never ending stream of AI-related news to write about, many people see starting an AI newsletter as a lucrative opportunity, be it in the form of a lean side-hustle or lifestyle business, or even a full-scale media operation. In fact, there's so many AI newsletters out there now, that trying to find one you enjoy is like drinking from a firehose in itself!

Not to worry though. We've spent weeks scouring the web for all the AI newsletters we could find, and organizing them based on the quality of the content, public metrics of each newsletter, and more. We ended up with hundreds of newsletters in total, but we've trimmed the list down to the 70 best ones that you should know about if you want to stay in the loop on all things AI.

Here's the criteria we used to make this list:

Frequency and Consistency - The AI space has a new breakthrough  seemingly everyday. 

As such it's important that a newsletter covering AI publishes frequently enough to keep pace with everything that’s going on. It also seems that the best AI newsletters tend to stick to a regular publishing schedule so that their readers know what to expect in their inbox each week. Every newsletter in this list delivers at least one email a week to their readers.

Content Quality - This one could be very subjective, so we laid it out like this: 

If the newsletter accomplishes its stated goal, be it sharing a recap of AI related news, a list of the hottest new AI tools, or deep dives into more technical concepts, then it gets a thumbs up from us. That’s not to say newsletters that aren’t on this list are bad, just that they don’t match the criteria we laid out for the purpose of making this list.

Branding - This one boils down to the look and feel of the newsletter. 

Does the writing grab your attention at first glance or put you to sleep by the time you get past the header? How nicely organized is the content itself in the email? Bonus points if the design of the page is aesthetically pleasing.

Transparent Metrics - Lastly, we tried to include only the newsletters we could find the most quantitative data on. 

That means subscriber counts, analytics such as open and click-through rates, etc. Again, if you’re a newsletter operator and don’t see your newsletter here, that doesn’t mean we think your newsletter is bad! We simply did not want to include a bunch of newsletters we had very little data on in this list.


Analysis - We analyzed the data and below are some interesting findings:

  • The preferred newsletter platform / email service provider (ESP) was beehiiv with 65+%.

  • The preferred advertisement booking / sponsorship management platform was Passionfroot with 81+%.

  • Almost all of the newsletters have sponsorship options and some also have a premium upgrade option.

  • If you don't count TLDR as an AI newsletter then no newsletter has above 750k subscribers and most have under 100k.

  • About 32% of AI newsletters only publish once per week, almost 9% publish everyday and 56% publish 3 or more times per week.



Download Full List

Here’s the list of 70 AI newsletters as a Google Sheet. It includes links to each newsletter's website, so you can easily subscribe or analyze the data on your own.

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